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Being strategically based in Prague, Czech Republic, in the very heart of Europe, provides corporate and trade B2B vehicle sourcing for EU and non-EU clients, along with financing and leasing solutions. We are able to locate and secure the best vehicles from multiple countries, within and also outside the EU. We have a network of dealer and broker partners across the continent allowing us access to a huge and varying amount of stock.

With over 15 years experience, we work with a vast network of main dealers to locate and secure the vehicles you require. offers a secure and discreet service for both brokers and dealers looking to increase their stock profile, and also dispose of overstock and unwanted inventory into the market.



  • Supply of cars in large volume

  • Access to all major brands and marques of vehicles

  • Discount on the German list price on forward orders

  • Supply of cars from current stocks across and beyond the EU boarders, both new and pre-owned

  • Supply of pre-owned cars from quality markets (Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Austria) as well as an access to 30 000 certified used vehicles at any one time

  • Supply of customized, armored and special purpose vehicles

  • Supply of unique and deficit cars, special editions, and prestige marques


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Please, contact us to discuss your vehicle ordering requirements, on both new and pre-owned vehicles for export. We will be happy to advise clients on forward ordering of new stock and sourcing existing inventory from our partner dealer networks. Whatever your vehicle needs we would be glad to assist.

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